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Who   |   2003   |   Installation   |   265 x 305 x 305

Since the discovery of DNA structure in 1953, development of biotechnologies and modern sciences during the past half century provide us a better understanding of our Universe. Today Lam Yuk Fai created this multimedia installation to extend his praise to the majestic Universe and its Creator.

The Installation is displaying two rows of six boxes in total. The boxes at the right marked "Design" in red while the boxes at the left marked "Create" in green.

In the first row, the box in the right is displaying a turning earth and the left one is displaying the earth's basic elements. In the second row, the box in the right is displaying a DNA model and the left one is presenting four different types of plants and their seeds, denoted by different DNA structures. In the third row, the box in the right is displaying a human hand made by clay, repairing a malfunctioned robotic hand with electric arcing. The box in the left is presenting a human skull, showing a pulsating brain.

Behind the boxes, a 10' wide rear projection screen shows video images of the earth planet in the universe. Through the video window Yuk Fai would like to invite the viewers' to explore the mystery of live and the majestic universe: the stunning journey of Salmon, the recycling journey of water through evaporation, the complicated yet perfect DNA structure and finally the wonderful human body.

With the thrilling effect of lightning generated in the display room, Yuk Fai brings the viewers' perception back into the installation space, climaxed by different human voices asking "Who". The voices are filling the room, they are all asking "Who"

Indeed, who design? Who creates?