Lam Yuk Fai

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Ego   |   2000   |   Installation

The scientific and economical prosperity of the western world is founded upon its liberal democratic ideals which supports the concept of equality and human as the children of God. Nowadays there are many who believe in circumstantial existence and democracy is totally misrepresented. The selfish nature of man caused an uncontrolled expansion of his ego. The western economic and technological development is based on the freedom and democratic spirit. Greedy capitalists had twisted the foundation for freedom and democracy and the "I" was so inflated and ultimately destroy the balance of both. Realizing this, Lam began to formulate his "I" production. He used surrealistic technique to carve out a "Self-centered" person on a wood piece that cast a dark shadow from about one foot behind. The shadow was made from numerous dark cloth squares with the Chinese character "I" painted on them. The head of the shadow can never be seen regardless of the height of the exhibition area. Through this production which cannot fully be accommodated in any exhibition area, the idea that contemporary man has already over expanded his unquenchable ego is presented.