Lam Yuk Fai


Lam Yuk FaiLam Yuk Fai is a renowned Hong Kong artist belonging to the Photorealism movement. Once a juvenile delinquent, Yuk Fai placed his life back on track when he became a devoted Christian. After studying painting with Wong Cheung Michael, Yuk Fai pursued a career in photo-retouching and went on to become a prominent pioneer in the field of Transparency Retouching in Hong Kong. Although he had already achieved a remarkable reputation in the advertising industry by the 1980s, Yuk Fai decided to leave the prime of his career in 1995 and bring his family to Canada, where he was able to focus whole-heartedly on his artistic creation. Following a peaceful and productive decade in Canada, Lam Yuk Fai has returned and currently resides in Hong Kong.